Soulful tapas, born out of Black tradition, reimagined for a Black future, made to be shared

Since the beginning of time, Black women have created space for comfort and togetherness through food, sharing ancestral rituals and values, no matter how little time or resources, no matter how many mouths were gathered around the table. The flavors of rich earth, hearty enough for a hard day’s work, but prepared without fuss or frills — simple, fresh and unassuming — have satisfied generations and passed down from mother to daughter, from continent to continent, providing a refuge from the oppression of otherness, a space to come together as kinfolk.

Our menu honors the women who came before, who have kept the culture alive at the kitchen counter, with flavors that speak to Black roots in the Deep South — greens, black eyed peas, peach jam and slow-smoked chicken — and beyond, to the ancestral grounds where the story of humanity began — sweet potatoes, injera bread, chili peppers and blood oranges. 

Curated and crafted by Chaya Fletcher (formerly of Urban Roots), our soulful tapas are meant to be shared among friends, old and new, with a cocktail or two. Vegetables are all sourced locally from Black-owned sustainable food sources: Restore OKC and Achieve More Farms. And just like mom, we make everything from scratch, from the infused simple syrups to the pickled okra.

we do it for the culture


kindred spirits

 Come Thru  Kinfolk

Thursday-Friday 3pm-late
Saturday-Sunday 11am-late